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There is no doubt that you would want to have the best plugins for your site. GUTENBERG blocks are typically used as editing blocks in the modern world. They are used to make nice looking layouts in the content world in the new WordPress. You might be aware that each piece of content is a drag block.

Usually, WordPress will provide you with a set of basic content blocks, such as paragraphs and images. Additionally, there are some top WordPress plugins in the market that will add their own blocks. This makes it easy for you to embed their features.

Away from that, we still have some other suite plugins that are mainly dedicated to providing custom content blocks. In this article, we will discuss the best blocks for WordPress. After taking a close look at the default blocks, we will then have a look at the block plugins.

The best WordPress blocks in the market

Normally, this block has the ability to block anything you have ever thought about. Additionally, the new blocks will make it quite easy to add elements such as buttons and cover images. It is good to know that in the older WordPress, you were required to install plugins to add some common web elements. We have compiled the most useful WordPress blocks you will ever come across in the market.

Button block

This is the right time to add a call to action buttons in your WordPress pages using this WordPress block. The best way to add buttons in the older editor is to use a plugin or writing HTML code.

Media and text block

With this block, you will have full freedom to add image and text side by side. If you ever used the old editor, then you can agree with me that it was quite confusing for beginners.

Cover block

It has emerged as the newest feature in WordPress. It is an essential block when it comes to adding cover images in your posts and pages.

Table block

The highly regarded block will help you to create basic tables with great ease. If you have been looking for a good block that can be ideal for ordering features and sorting, then you should go for this product.

Embed blocks

It is one of the mostly used blocks for popular websites. Typically, this block is used to embed tweets and YouTube videos.

Column Block

You should not look beyond this block if you want something that allows you to create multi column layouts for blog posts and pages.

Short-code block

You might have been looking for a block that allows you to add short-code in WordPress posts. This is the perfect choice in that situation. Besides all these blocks, we still have other blocks that you can explore. Interestingly, you can use them without a plugin.

Best GUTENBERG block plugins for your WordPress site

Typically, we have two types of block plugins that are available in the market. Let’s take a close look.

Single purpose block plugins

This type of block plugin is commonly used in popular WordPress plugins that have been in the market for quite a long time. Besides coming with one specific feature, this type of block plugin boasts with a single powerful block. This means that you can add content in WordPress with great ease.
As for now, we can say that WPFORMS is the most popular WordPress form plugin of all the times. It can be used to make powerful forms in WordPress. Usually, it provides users with a WordPress block to add contact forms and order forms.

Single purpose block options vs block library plugins

Now that we have discussed the options, you might be wondering about the best plugin that will satisfy all your needs. Kindly consider these important points before choosing the best block plugin for your needs.

It is important to note that single purpose block plugins will only add one feature. People prefer this type of block plugin simply because it provides a wide range of options and also integration. In a simple explanation, they will provide you with the complete solution for the specific use case.

Typically, the block library plugin has been designed with numerous blocks. Furthermore, the blocks have different purposes. The most unique thing about this type of block plugin is that it is not fine-tuned as the single feature blocks. Although they are well known to provide users with numerous blocks, this type of block plugin is not very powerful.

Another notable disadvantage that you will experience when using block suites is that they can easily pollute your block list. With that being said, we will take a close look at the plugins in the market that can be used in WordPress.

WP Forms

It is considered as the most easy to use plugin of all the times. With this plugin, you will be able to create contact forms like polls and order forms. This plugin specifically provides users with WordPress forms on your posts and pages.

Envira Gallery

It is regarded as the most powerful WordPress gallery plugin. You will have full freedom to create image and video galleries on your website when you consider choosing this plugin. The top gallery plugin has been designed with a native block to embed galleries on your website.

Furthermore, this gallery plugin boasts of advanced features such as image proofing and seamless integration.

WP call button

It is a single purpose block plugin. Typically, this block plugin will help you add a call button on your WordPress site. It will also enable the user to add clickable phone numbers on the contact page. Additionally, it has been made with a floating call button that allows you to add a highly visible click. This means that you will be able to get more calls and in the process more sales for your website.

The built in click in this block plugin have tracking with Google analytics. This means that you can see the best performing pages on your website. When it comes to the phone button block, it features numerous customization options. The customization options mean that you can easily customize the call button to match your website design.

Ultimate add-ons

It is the most used block library plugin. It is good to know that it has been created by people behind the famous Astra theme. Keep in mind that this theme has been installed in more than 100, 000 websites.

The main advantage of using this block plugin is that it comes with built in support for Astra theme and also their starter sites. The main essence of the developer including this feature was to allow the users to import a starter site and afterward use the block editor. Creating a beautiful layout will be much easier.

Atomic blocks

It is a free and reliable plugin. This block plugin boasts of a collection of custom WordPress blocks. The best thing about this block plugin is that it boasts of some of the best WordPress blocks. Additionally, this block comes in the form of a WordPress theme. Typically, this theme includes all the blocks offered by the plugin. This lets you create a beautiful website.
You might have heard that the atomic block was acquired by the WP engine. It is arguably the most trusted hosting company in the world.

Kadence blocks

It is yet another reliable block plugin we can’t leave on this list. Similar to other top block plugins in the market, this plugin comes with some of the most common used blocks. These blocks will help the user to add more functionality to your content editor.

Furthermore, this block plugin is available in free and premium versions. You will easily deactivate the blocks that you are not using. Deactivating the blocks will keep your editor clean and lightweight. You can consider purchasing their pro plugin and membership plan if you like these blocks and want more blocks from them.

GUTERBERG blocks library

It is another useful WordPress block plugin that you can use to add blocks to your site. There are more than 10 WordPress blocks included in this plugin. The most useful blocks included in this block plugin include sharing icons block and google maps block. These blocks will help you show the author box on your website while at the same time letting you add sharing icons on your website with great ease.

Additionally, the developer has included compatible templates. They are essential when it comes to helping you create stunning pages. This block plugin has been developed by a popular WordPress themes company.

Ultimate blocks

The block collection plugin boasts of several extra blocks. The most notable features in this block include easy to use blocks. These blocks are very useful to bloggers and marketers. Review block and call to action block are some of the most common blocks provided by this plugin. While the review block allows users to add a review with product names and features, the call to action block allows the users to create a call to action box with a heading.

The developer could not forget the notification box block so that you can easily add a box in your articles. This is the perfect block plugin if you have been searching for something that can allow you to add tweetable content in your pages.


This will add 20 new blocks to your editor. You will have a good chance to create professional webpages with this amazing block plugin. Typically, tabs block and advanced list block are considered as the most useful advanced blocks of all the times. These blocks will be very helpful in adding content in tabs easily. Additionally, you will easily showcase numbers like total sales in a much attractive manner. Finally, you will have advanced control options. This means that you can activate blocks with great ease.

Stackable blocks

It is arguably one of the most popular WordPress block library plugins you will ever find in the market. This block plugin boasts of custom blocks for WordPress sites. Additionally, it comes with more than 20 easy to use blocks.

Container block and feature grid block have been included by the developer. The developer could not forget to include a team member’s block and video popup block. While the container block gives you the freedom to combine different blocks in a single row, the team member’s block will allow you to showcase your members with their different positions and duties.

Like other block plugin in the market, this plugin provides impressive effects and background options. Additionally, users are free to use image and video backgrounds.


The block that comes with a collection of page building WordPress blocks is one of the very best you will ever find. Frequently, this block provides extra blocks to super-change the block editor. The most helpful blocks offered by this block plugin include rows and columns block. In most cases, these block plugins will provide attractive alerts while at the same time giving you an easy way to add author profile in your WordPress site.

TinyMCE Advanced

It is a popular plugin that comes with an enhanced old classic editor. People love this plugin simply because it has more formatting options when compared to other plugins in the market. Additionally, the developer has updated it so that it can support the new block editor. You will benefit from the additional formatting and styling options when you consider this block plugin. For instance, you will be able to see new formatting buttons in the toolbars. Furthermore, it has been designed in a unique way such that you can adjust the buttons when you want to use them in the toolbar.

It is important to note that most of the content focused WordPress plugins in the market are compatible with their blocks. We hope that you will find this amazing article helpful in the future. Thanks.


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