Best WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugins – 2020

WordPress YouTube Gallery
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It is quite an easy task to add YouTube videos in WordPress posts. But when you want to include a gallery in WordPress, then you will be required to use a plugin like WordPress YouTube Gallery for that. Plugins are used to display YouTube videos. In addition, they are also used to enhance loading for SEO. We will take a close look at some of the best YouTube video gallery plugins that can be used for WordPress. It is good to know that each of these YouTube plugins has been designed with their own set of features. Keep in mind that all of them are available for free.


It has emerged as the best WordPress gallery plugin in the market. Typically, this WordPress gallery plugin comes with a video addon. The best thing about this plugin is that you will have the freedom to create pictures from videos.
It is good to keep in mind that you can easily display your galleries while at the same time opening the videos. In addition, it has been designed with an easy to use a widget. It is possible to drag and drop it to a sidebar. Be guaranteed that you will have an easy time displaying a video gallery in any widget ready area.

WordPress YouTube Gallery SIMPLE

This is the perfect WordPress plugin if you have been looking for something easy and simple to use. The popular WordPress gallery plugin uses post types to add videos. With this WordPress gallery plugin, you can easily categorize your videos. The highly regarded plugin has been designed with a short-cod. You can use this shortcode to insert from the post editor. After being activated, this plugin will create a video gallery containing the shortcode. It is very easy to edit this page and short-code it to your own needs.
Typically, the plugin has been designed in a unique way such that it opens videos in a nice lightbox popup. Unlike other plugins in the market, you can control the video and thumbnail from the settings. However, it comes with several downsides too. It will display all your images in a plain list format. Fortunately, you can easily convert it into a responsive grid if you know more about CSS.


It is another easy to use WordPress YouTube Gallery plugin. Besides that, this WordPress gallery plugin uses post types for videos. It is quite easy to add categories and tags to your videos as featured. You can automatically setup the video page for you after activating this plugin. Away from that, it has been designed with easy to use widget. These widgets can be used for featured videos and recent videos. In addition, it has a beautiful out of the box gallery layout. Users will easily browse through all the videos.

WordPress YouTube Gallery – YOUTUBE CHANNEL

You might be operating your own YouTube channel. There is no doubt that YouTube channels provide the easiest way to display videos. All that you need to do in that case is to enter a user or channel id. From there, it will fetch the videos for you. You will not only fetch the channel banner image, but you will also have the necessary uploads.

It is quite an easy task showcasing your channel. You will be able to choose a Meta data display.


This WordPress gallery plugin is a powerful plugin for WordPress. Usually, it comes with an HD player that has been made with built-in. You will have your customized videos with HD quality. In addition, the default settings in this plugin work for most websites. If you want to change them, you will be required to find numerous options to do just about anything you want. Moreover, this WordPress gallery plugin has been designed with some sample videos. It automatically creates a gallery page.

All that you need to do in that case is to go to the page and see how your gallery would look like. Once you have been satisfied, you can go on and add default videos and add your own.


This WordPress gallery plugin works with YouTube and Wistia. With this plugin, you will be able to create video galleries by simply including URLs. In addition, the developer has designed it with a comprehensive settings page. This allows you to control and customize your video gallery. It is an easy task adding a video gallery on your WordPress post. The best part about this plugin, you can create many galleries with different videos. This means that you can create videos into several categories and topics.


You can agree with me that indeed this plugin is a rich video gallery plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to create multiple galleries and add them to the WordPress post. This WordPress gallery plugin will automatically fetch thumbnails for your videos.


It has emerged as an easy to use responsive gallery plugin. It can not only be used for YouTube but also in Vimeo. This WordPress gallery login displays video in a nice grid layout. All your videos will be displayed in a nice pop-up. It is possible to add a gallery into your WordPress posts and pages by simply using short-codes. In addition, this plugin loads videos allowing the users to see all videos on the same page.


This WordPress YouTube Gallery plugin has been providing a quicker way to manage YouTube videos in WordPress. You are required to paste the video links. From there, it will automatically fetch the video details from YouTube. We hope that you find this article helpful. If you have any questions you can contact us and we will be willing to respond.

Best WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugins – 2020

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