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A plugin is simply a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. Plugins can either extend the functionality or add new features to WordPress websites. Normally, these plugins are written in the PHP programing language. The best thing about WordPress plugins is that they can easily be integrated with WordPress. Plugins are essential more so when it comes to adding new features to websites. You do not have to know a single line of code when using WordPress plugins.

As for now, there are multiple WordPress plugins in the market. Most of these plugins are available for free. It is good to know that these WordPress plugins can be found at the WordPress plugin directory. There are also premium ones that you are supposed to pay for. You might be wondering why you would be forced to purchase premium WordPress plugins. There are numerous reasons for this. Let us take a look at some of these reasons.

You might be aware that there are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free in the popular plugin directory. The main difference between paid and free WordPress plugins is that paid plugins will offer the users a full-time support staff. Also, developers work on maintaining security and compatibility. Plugins will get full and reliable support.

In most cases, plugins play nicely with the core of WordPress. Although it is quite rare, the plugin code will getaway in the way of another plugin. The support staff will always be there to provide the necessary support whenever you need it.

How can you choose the best WordPress slider?

Sliders have been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years. They are slowly becoming a popular design element. Sliders have emerged as the most dynamic way that can be used to display visual media on any website. You should keep in mind that you can use these sliders in more than hundreds of ways. When used, sliders will engage people who visit your website. Over the years, we have witnessed hundreds of sliders being launched. The sliders that are available in WordPress will help you organize and manage your content.

What is the meaning of slider?

A slider can be defined as a slideshow designed on a webpage. Typically, they display images either vertically or horizontally. Images are displayed one at a time. They will produce a rare feeling of momentum. Sliders are known to function in numerous ways. They can either function as product sliders, text sliders or even video sliders. A carousel is an advanced slider that rotates and displays several images at a time. Carousels bring multiple sliders into focus at once. Unlike normal sliders, carousels will radially rotate the image. Sometimes they can rotate in a 3D manner.Sliders have multiple uses. Here are some of these uses

  • They drive purchasing decisions. You can agree with me that indeed many users expect sellers to show them the multiple angle photos of every product they browse on e-commerce sites. Many people consider sliders perfect for this purpose.
  • Sliders focus the attention of specific information. Also, they deal with products you want your visitors to engage in. Usually, sliders will drive the users to click and find out more about the featured content.
  • They are a perfect medium that has been used for a long time by artists and designers. Also, developers and architects prefer using sliders.
  • They can be used to showcase work, demonstrate the range, and also extreme versatility.
  • Sliders can be used in creating text-accompanied visual demonstrations. They can be used to show a particular product work. Such products can include electronic gadgets or industrial machines.
  • You can use modern sliders to display content such as timelines and testimonials.

How can you use a slider plugin?

There are various WordPress slider plugins in the marketplace. Such as SmartSlider, that will provide the users with a variety of affordable and easy to use templates. You can freely choose from these templates when you want to build your sliders. There are several things that you should consider when choosing a slider plugin. Here are the most important factors you should keep in mind.


Sliders have been designed with numerous scripts. These scripts might make your website slow down. Scripts will affect the website functioning. They will affect the user’s satisfaction, SEO ranking, and also the overall website performance. With that in mind, you should always remember to compare the loading times of different plugins. In addition, you should make sure that the hosting service has fast servers.

Mobile responsiveness

Before choosing the specific WordPress plugins, you should ensure that what you choose is mobile responsive. All that you need to do is to choose that plugin that can easily be scaled down to small screen handheld mobile devices. The main reason behind this is that more than 80% of the traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets.

Ease of use

There is no doubt that slide plugins with user-friendly interfaces will never east up. Even divert your focus from running your business.


Price is the first factor you should keep into consideration when choosing the slider plugin. You should compare the prices to see whether the slider plugin fits your budget. You should be able to get the most important features for the money. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen a slider plugin that not only fits your budget. But also comes with the essential features that you will require.

Regular updates

You might have heard in the past that indeed regular audits and updates will patch security weaknesses. In that case, you should make sure that the seller supports the plugin.

Reviews and ratings from customers

On the internet, you will come across numerous reviews from customers who have at one time purchased the slider plugins. Read the reviews by other users. Reading the reviews is arguably the most reliable way of knowing whether a plugin is useful.

As you can see, you will be required to check at least three important things when purchasing the slide plugins. Now, we will take a look at the most reliable slide plugins that can be used for WordPress.

Slider revolution

Slider Revolution GrandPlugin
Slider Revolution – GrandPlugin

It has emerged as the most popular and the most preferred slider plugin of all the times. This WordPress plugin can be accessed in the Code Canyon marketplace. This WordPress slider plugin has been designed with a powerful visual editor. Users can also customize this WordPress plugin with great ease.

Away from that, this WordPress plugin is fully responsive. This means that your sliders will appear great on when displayed on any device. Be guaranteed that, this WordPress plugin will respond accordingly. Whether you are using notebooks, tablets or even smartphones.

Slider Revolution is one of the WordPress plugins that offers powerful features. These features will help you create great and nice looking sliders. The only downside about this WordPress plugin is that it misses some aspects of user-friendliness. For instance, you are required to go to the list of your sliders to discover a code that you will later add to your slider. If you have used soliloquy in the past, you can agree with me that indeed it makes it easy with the Add Slider button in the post editor. The unique thing about it is that the interface looks different than the rest of the WordPress UI. This means that the beginner will never find difficulty when using it for the first time.

Smart slider 3

smartslider3 GrandPlugin

It is one of the most powerful slider plugins for WordPress. This WordPress plugin has a free version. That offers fully responsive and SEO optimized sliders that are fit for any WordPress themes. Away from that, the free version comes with a dynamic post slider. The Post slider allows you to highlight recent posts or featured posts. You have the full freedom to edit your slides if you have the pro version. You can do it in the same way you do with page builders. Besides being easy to drag, this WordPress plugin comes with unique drag features that will let you build sliders the way you want. In addition, this WordPress plugin has been designed with 6 unique layers that will enable you to build a customized WordPress slider.


Soliloquy GrandPlugin

It is the best responsive WordPress slide plugin for now. This WordPress plugin has been tested. The results are just excellent. Besides being responsive, this plugin is easy to use and lightweight. It has been created by experienced WordPress experts who have used state of the art coding. Having been designed with the best technology means that it will offer you the best features for beautiful sliders.

Additionally, this WordPress plugin comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. This will help you create sliders with great ease. This plugin will integrate well with the WordPress interface. This means that you can use images from the media library. Moreover, you can easily add images while at the same time configuring them with the slider settings. From there, you can publish the images. After creating the slider, you can go on and embed the slide into your pages. You can also post the image easily from the add slider button.


LayerSlider GrandPlugin

It is another popular WordPress plugin in the marketplace. The advanced plugin comes with numerous powerful options that will let you create sliders. Also, it comes with image galleries with effects and animated landing pages. It is quite similar to the slider revolution. This WordPress slider plugin has been designed with its drag and drop interface. Therefore, you will be required to spend a few days learning about its interface when you are starting it out. You will be able to add a variety of transitions with the strength of the plugin. You can choose from slide transitions or even animations.


RoyalSlider GrandPlugin

It is another top-selling WordPress plugin that comes with better customization options. Some standard features and animation effects are the best things about this plugin. All you have to need when you making sliders for your WordPress site.

Normally, it focusses on an intuitive interface. The interface means that you can easily create touch-friendly and responsive sliders. Responsive sliders allow easy navigation. The overall page speed will significantly increase because of the lazy loading option. In addition, this slider is loaded with different SEO features. This slider plugin allows the users to integrate Instagram in WordPress sliders. Away from that, it is known to support YouTube videos.

Slider by WD

Slider By WD GrandPlugin

It is a unique free WordPress plugin that can be used for creating responsive sliders. With this plugin, you can easily create extremely fast loading sliders. You can easily add these sliders to your website posts. It depends on your preferences. Away from that, you will be able to create multi-functional sliders with text and social media button layers.

In addition, this slider plugin supports swipe control for touchscreen devices. However, the embed options are not user friendly. You will be required to copy and paste the shortcode.


WonderPlugin GrandPlugin

It is not only a simple WordPress slide plugin but also a responsive plugin. You can find free and premium versions. The free version will add a watermark that normally links to the plugin homepage. Besides supporting vertical slideshows, this WordPress plugin supports YouTube and MP4. This enables users to create both vertical and horizontal slideshows. Moreover, it has been designed with nice looking transition effects. The wizard designed interface will help the users make a slide easily.

All these WordPress plugins enable the users to add nice looking horizontal slides. Most of them will support major browsers and touch navigation. All that we hope is that this piece of article will help you choose the best WordPress plugins in the market.

We hope the list helps you to choose the right Slider for your WordPress site. The plugins are easy to set up and use. If you face any difficulty while setting up and using, you will find us here helpful always. Don’t hesitate to inform us.



  1. Great List.
    I would like to suggest one of my favorite plugin is Avartan Slider Lite.
    It is a great way to create a stunning image slider and video slider for your WordPress website.

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