Best WordPress Carousel Plugin 2020

Best WordPress Carousel Plugin 2020
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WordPress Carousel, Carousel Plugin - GrandPlugin
WordPress Carousel GrandPlugin

Carousel is simply an element that gives visitors easy access to content items. Carousel involves dynamic scrolling list of items in a horizontal manner. You might be aware what is WordPress and how it works. You might be aware that everyone is busy creating their website or blog. People use different themes and plugins when building a website. Plugins and themes make websites beautiful. Nice looking website can attract a good number of visitors.

We will take a look at the best WordPress Carousel Slider Plugins in the market. Carousel plugin is essential more so when it comes to displaying images and videos in a grid view. With the best carousel plugins, you will be able to see the slide view of numerous images, posts, and logos. Over the years, there have emerged multiple carousel plugins. Here are the best carousel plugins you will ever come across. Without further ado, let’s take a close look.

WordPress Carousel

wordpress carousel grandplugin

It has emerged as one of the best carousel plugins in the market. This carousel plugin has been designed by the ShapedPlugin Team. You might have been looking for an excellent looking carousel plugin that can be used on any official or private website. This carousel plugin is well known to have a great combination of media uploader and gallery. The most impressive features in this plugin are very many. It is not only lightweight but also sturdy. It has been designed with a shortcode carousel. Unlike numerous carousel plugins in the market, this plugin has a user-friendly admin panel.

This carousel plugin will give you full freedom to create Carousel using images from the media gallery. The drag and drop features allow images to re-ordering. This carousel will enable you to create an unlimited number of carousels. Away from that, it boasts of autoplay and speed control. You can also agree with me that it is quite hard to come across a carousel plugin that has infinite looping.

Fortunately, this carousel plugin comes with all these features. It is among the very few carousels that have been designed with multiple control columns. This means that you can use it on different devices. If you have been looking for an excellent looking carousel plugin that comes with RTL supported features, then this is the perfect choice in that case. The best thing about this plugin is that it will support almost all modern and popular browsers.

Post Carousel

It is the most responsive carousel you will ever come across. This carousel allows the users to show the list of their posts in a nice looking sliding manner. There are numerous user-friendly options in this plugin. These features are essential in helping you configure the carousel with great ease. In terms of responsiveness, this carousel is on its level. It is not only fast but also easy to organize. There are multiple features in this plugin.

WP Team

It is another amazing plugin in the market. You can use this carousel when you want to create a team member’s carousel. It is arguably the best option more so if you want to display members of your team. Also, this WordPress plugin is very fast and lightweight. You will never waste your time when you consider purchasing this plugin. You will use this WordPress carousel with great ease.

Logo Carousel Pro

It has emerged as the best logo management system for WordPress. This WordPress carousel will be of great help more so when it comes to showcasing the logo of images easily. The highly regarded WordPress carousel has been designed with several multi-creative ideas.

It is considered as the number one WordPress carousel in the world. It is among the top WordPress carousels in the market that have been designed by the pioneer WordPress designer, ShapedPlugin. You might be wondering where you can use this WordPress carousel. It is the ideal choice for clients affiliates. Internal and external logo links, drop ordering, and advanced shortcode generator are some of the top features that come with this WordPress carousel.

Meta Slider

This WordPress carousel is very easy to use and quite easy to customize. The top WordPress carousel is SEO optimized. Typically, this WordPress carousel includes 4 different slideshow types inside. There is no doubt that it is an excellent crafted plugin that you can use on your site. It is the perfect more so if you want to create an ideal slideshow over there. Besides being fast responsive, numerous features come with it. Full-width slideshow support and drop and drag reordering are some of the top features in this WordPress carousel. In addition, it has several HTML slides and premium support.

Smart Slider 2

It is one of the most popular carousels you will ever come across. With this WordPress carousel, you can easily design fantastic sliders. This plugin is more updated than the original version. The plugin will make you enjoy tons of amazing features. The latest upgrade in the market comes with several drags and drop functions. Away from that, it is fully integrated with WordPress. It is more responsive when compared to top WordPress carousels in the market. You can use this plugin even if you do not have any CSS knowledge. Moreover, it boasts of advanced responsive mode features.

Smart Slider 3

smartslider3 GrandPlugin
Smart Slider 3 – GrandPlugin

It might be the best WordPress plugin you have been looking for. This WordPress carousel comes with numerous and more essential features when compared to the original WordPress carousel version. It is the most powerful option you can find in the market. When compared to its predecessors, this WordPress carousel will do more than you expect. The fantastic visual experience will leave you with a great experience. Unlike other common WordPress carousels out there, the editors in this WordPress carousel are very friendly. That is the main reason it is preferred by many people out there. There is no doubt that it will leave you with the best experience ever.

CPT Bootstrap

The latest model has been designed with a custom post type option. This option allows you to choose images or contents that output the carousel from the bootstrap. You can achieve this by simply using the short-code. Easy to use and extreme responsiveness are some of the most important features in this WordPress carousel. Besides the fantastic visual interface, this WordPress carousel has user-friendly features. Away from that, it comes with some of the greatest support with much more features.

Slider WD

Slider By WD GrandPlugin
Slider By WD – GrandPlugin

If you have been looking for a good way that you can use to add sliders to your website, then you are in the right place. You might be aware that you can easily add this as a widget or plugin. This WordPress carousel is not only clean but also lightweight. The extreme responsiveness allows the users to add images and videos at the same time. You will find some of the greatest features in this WordPress carousel. You have the full freedom to change the slider orders in this WordPress carousel. In addition, the developer aim was to come up with a nice looking WordPress carousel that would support video slide.

Cyclone Slider 2

As the name dictates, this WordPress carousel is fast as the cyclone. The most impressive thing about it is that it comes with a fantastic user-friendly interface. Besides being responsive, this WordPress carousel contains 6 resize options. This allows you to create an unlimited number of sliders.

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

This WordPress carouser is a well-known lightweight and responsive plugin that you can use on your blog or WordPress site. With this WordPress carousel, you can add unlimited images in a single slider through multiple image uploader. This WordPress carouser is the most preferred since it enables slide description. It comes with an added font style with multi-lingual ready translation features.

Slider by Supsystic

It has been developed by a popular developer from the United States of America. This is the best WordPress carousel to use for your blog or WordPress site. The main reason why many people prefer using this model is that it has multiple reliable templates. The content slider and post feed slider are the most useful features in this WordPress carousel. Away from that, this WordPress carousel has stunning slideshow themes.

Super Carousel

The super carousel has been designed with its custom post type. This feature will help users create and manage images and other content. It is very easy to create a slider. All that you need to do in that case is to follow the outlined steps. The designer has included circular slide effects and special settings. The special settings in this WordPress carousel allow it to be used in mobile and tablet devices.

Royal Slider

RoyalSlider GrandPlugin
Royal Slider – GrandPlugin

You might have come across numerous people who prefer fast and lightweight WordPress carousels. Most of the WordPress carousel present in the market have not been designed with touch swipe navigation support features. With a slide, you can easily create Youtube and Vimeo videos. Away from that, the memory management is just excellent.

WordPress Carousel Pro

It is good to know that this WordPress carousel is the improved version of the original WordPress Carousel. Unlike the original plugin, this model has been designed with numerous features and styling. It is one of the most powerful and user-friendly multi-purpose WordPress Carousel plugins you will ever come across. It is a famous plugin that has been used over the years to create beautiful carousels with images and posts. You can easily edit content and pictures using this plugin.

With the reliable WordPress carousel, you will be able to filter products using other product types. You can consider using the latest categories and specific products. Away from that, this plugin allows users to hide their product names and images. The most essential features in this carousel include a fully responsive and touch-friendly face. It has also been designed with an unlimited Shortcode generator. Also, it comes with numerous fonts with many options. You have a wide range of customization options to choose from with this WordPress carousel.

You should consider this WordPress carousel if you have been looking for a WordPress carousel with a complete list of controls. The list of control in this WordPress carousel includes auto-play speed and stop on hover. Besides the unlimited color options, this WordPress carousel has multiple styling options. In addition, the developer has included a video carousel with several reliable light box features.

VG Post Carousel

This post carousel is very clean and straightforward to use. It is not only fully responsive but also it will support touch-swipe fingers. Also, it has been designed with a control row and column in a carousel. It will display the latest and older posts with great ease.

Responsive Posts Carousel

You can choose more than 50 ready to use templates if you have this WordPress plugin. This WordPress carousel can be customized with great ease. It can be customized in the simple live template editor. You have the full freedom to create numerous sliders with this carousel. You can develop showcases, multi-row sliders, and many more. Thanks to the multiple features this carousel comes with.

Before and After Image Slider

It is easy to work short-code. It is famous simply because it works perfectly with WPBakery page builder. This WordPress carousel allows you to build a nifty slider. This means that you can showcase your before and after images. Your website visitors will be in an excellent position to trigger the before and after sliders. This can achieve this either on a mouse hover or using the click and drag features. Away from that, you can adjust this WordPress carousel to your screen size.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the above are the best WordPress carousels in the market. We hope that you will find this article helpful to you.

We hope the list helps you to choose the right Slider for your WordPress site. The plugins are easy to set up and use. If you face any difficulty while setting up and using, you will find us here helpful always. Don’t hesitate to inform us.

Best WordPress Carousel Plugin 2020

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