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Your website users might not be happy about your website. There is no doubt you might want a way to improve the user experience on your website. Additionally, you might be looking for reliable methods to increase your customer satisfaction. A survey will be the fastest way you can use to get the feedback you need.

You can agree with me that indeed knowledge is power. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress plugins you can use to collect feedback on your website. The best thing about these WordPress plugins is that you will not need a website developer. Without further ado, let us take a close look.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

It is good to know that this WordPress plugin is a free and easy way to add forms and live chats. The most notable thing about this plugin is that you can use the form builder. It allows you to collect user’s contacts. You can also access feedback provided by people who visit your website on regular basis.

If that is not yet enough, you will have the full freedom to sync that data to HubSpot CRM. This means that you will be able to track any kind of feedback in an organized manner. Furthermore, this WordPress plugin allows the users to send net promoter scores. You can also easily send customer effort scores and customer satisfaction surveys. All these tools will help you understand your customers while at the same time being able to track and improve their experience over time.

Survey Anyplace

You can attest that you would want something that allows you to create fun surveys and assessment tests on your website. If you have come across this WordPress plugin, then you can agree with me that it is very generous. You will have a rare chance to choose from a wide variety of question types. Therefore, you will always get the feedback you need. The most common questions to choose from including traditional open ended and multiple choice questions.

Furthermore, you can consider using the basic question logic skip. This will ensure that you will never ask redundant questions. These questions are based on respondent previous answers. You can consider trying out one of the approved survey questions in case you do not want to ask your visitors. From there, you can personalize them based on your specific needs.

It is advisable to gauge your audience knowledge with timers and leaderboards. People prefer using digital scratch cards to playfully incentivize their respondents. In case you want to make your quizzes more fun and entertaining, you can upgrade your paid plan.

In terms of pricing, there is a free plan that provides tons of flexibility. In that case, you will be limited to 20 responses in a month. You will be required to pay at least $25 per month if you want to have more answers and features.

Gravity forms

It is one of the most popular premium form builders. You might be aware that you can still create a poll with just the forms. On the other hand, polls and quizzes will make it easier to manage the data collected.

The drag and drop form builder will help you build some powerful and amazing surveys. Additionally, you are free to use conditional login to create branching surveys. They can change depending on your previous responses. Furthermore, you can change the limits on the number of responses. The surveys can be displayed publicly. Afterward, you can close the Survey at a certain date or number of responses.

This WordPress plugin has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years since it is very developer friendly. This means that it might not be the perfect choice for beginners. After paying the premium package, you will get access to all forms.

Formidable forms

The unique thing about this WordPress plugin is the easy to use drag and drop interface. Unlike other WordPress plugins in the market, this product allows users to create surveys, which is not the only feature. Additionally, you will have the power to create everything from the calculators and registration forms.

There are numerous value package in this plugin when we talk about surveying features. Furthermore, all of their survey templates are quite useful. This brings together many of the common use cases that you can use to run a survey. Last but not least, this Survey boasts of several highly regarded features such as smart question branching. The product that starts at about $100 will give you access to advanced features and functionality.


It is a free WordPress plugin. Similar to other top WordPress plugins on this list, you will be able to do a lot with this plugin. You can easily add forms and polls with the popular WordPress plugin. The most interesting thing about this WordPress plugin is that you can use drag and drop elements to create forms and surveys. Another benefit of using this WordPress plugin is that you can connect your account to a variety of third party integrations.


It has emerged as one of the leading survey tools in the world. It is said that this WordPress plugin helps more than 20 million people in a day. It is preferred by many people simply because you can easily add it to your WordPress site. You will have a rare option to create embedded surveys when you consider going for this WordPress plugin. Additionally, it is supported by the most popular ad-blocker programs.

Furthermore, you are free to adjust the look and free of your surveys with the custom fonts and colors. It is also possible to customize when respondents see a thank you page.


There is no doubt you have been looking for a fast and visual way to understand your users. You should be guaranteed that this WordPress plugin will provide you with tools that will be helpful in uncovering insights for your website performance. Your form completion rates will improve drastically. It will easily identify which fields took too long to fill and which are left blank.

If that is not yet enough, you can use this WordPress plugin to create a small and customizable widget. This will not only improve the performance, but also the overall experience of your website. Usually, this WordPress plugin targets questions to specific visitors anywhere on your website and mobile site.

Another notable thing about this product is that it gives your visitors an easy way to leave instant visual feedback on your website. Last but not least, you will have the freedom to create more complex surveys with the same targeting and trigger options.

Finally, the interface in the drag and drop is incredibly user friendly.

Poll, Survey and form

It is among the very few WordPress plugins that allow users to create interactive surveys. In turn, you will be able to boost your engagement rates and get more qualified leads. Over the years, this WordPress plugin has been used by renowned corporations such as the BBC and Uber.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to use plugin. Additionally, it is possible to manage all your polls and quizzes in a single dashboard. This will help you track your results. Thanks to the detailed analytic report.

When it comes to the built in templates, they will help you customize your surveys and polls. It is also good to note that you can add images and videos to your surveys. This will make them engaging. Last but not least, you can easily integrate forms into your surveys when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Plus, you have the option to include other types of interactive content.

Get site control

This is the right time to know your audience better. Additionally, you will be able to add quick polls and multi-page questionnaires. Also, the star ratings and skip logic surveys will help you better understand your customer needs. In most cases, this WordPress plugin targets new or returning visitors especially those who are leaving your site at a specific time.

Furthermore, you can easily apply user behaviors with this WordPress plugin. This will define when to start and stop showing a website survey. If that is not yet enough, you can even schedule the survey widget. This will be displayed during certain days and hours. Moreover, it is possible to collect email addresses for your newsletter. You can do it by connecting your survey forms to an email marketing platform.

Last but not least, this WordPress plugin is user friendly. After you have activated this WordPress plugin, your Survey will be live. It has emerged as the greatest option for short surveys since it is designed with multiple display options. However, if you want more complex surveys, this will not be a good option. Keep in mind that the surveys are created in a widget format.


This contact form builder enables you to create surveys and questions. You will have the full freedom to choose from an epic selection of surveys and templates. You can customize them to your needs. Your preferred Survey can include ratings, multiple choice, and open ended questions.

Additionally, this WordPress plugin will present your questions one at a time. This will keep your users engaged all the time. These types of forms can include videos and images. Typically, this WordPress plugin includes a calculator and a PRO feature. The calculator enables you to add calculations and scores.

You can have your questionnaires embedded directly onto your page. From there, you can access them using a unique link.


If you have used this WordPress plugin, then you can attest that it is incredibly user friendly. It uses a customizer to control how your polls look. It is possible to insert the polls onto any page via the widgets and short codes. Besides creating regular surveys, you can also consider running opinion and debate polls. Another good thing about this WordPress plugin is that this tool is optimized for search engines to help you rank on search results pages.

With this product, you will easily make your polls visible to Google crawlers. To facilitate this, you can include it in your sitemap.

Modal Survey

It is another popular option that we cannot fail to include on this list. This WordPress plugin is mostly used in creating polls and quizzes on WordPress. Additionally, it features a front end builder that makes it easy to use. You can also customize the look and feel of your quizzes. With this plugin, you will get detailed visualization options. This is helpful when it comes to displaying the results of each category. This feature is very relevant more so when building personality tests.

Over the years, people have been using this feature to build product recommendations. After asking the website users questions, you can recommend the products based on their results. It will even be of more importance especially if you own an e-commerce website. Away from that, you can equip your quizzes with several countdown timers.

Quiz and Survey Master

Although it is not the most user friendly, it comes with a lot of Survey specific functionality. You can provide your website users with crucial hints that will help them answer certain questions. Additionally, you can group the questions. They should be grouped based on those categories. This is the time to go for this WordPress plugin since you can email your participants with their results.

Alternatively, you can buy paid add-ons. This will unlock even more essential features such as analytics reports and conditional logic. The data you get from this Survey is not detailed or helpful.


This WordPress plugin shares the same powerful features as the form builder. The additional features include smart conditional logic and real time polls. You have the freedom to show survey results on your WordPress website page.

Google Forms

It is not an actual survey plugin, but it is one of the most popular survey tools you can have. You can easily embed this Google Form on your website. This can be done with either third party plugin or via the HTML embed code provided by Google.

People like Google Forms since they are straightforward and easy to use. You can use it to ask multiple types of questions with multiple choice. Users are free to set up restrictions for who to accept responses from.

Responsive Poll

There is no doubt that you would want to take advantage of the 18 templates and tons of customization options. With this WordPress plugin, you can choose from seven animated charts types for displaying your results. You should go for this WordPress plugin if you have been looking for a good quick hit survey.


It is the most preferred free basic polling functionalities. It is easy to customize using templates and custom CSS. After scheduling your polls, you can set expiration dates on them.


Unlike other WordPress plugins, this plugin will let you create polls. You can manage right from your WordPress dashboard. After purchasing this WordPress plugin, you will get access to customizable templates.


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